Monday, April 30, 2012

Interview with Yukon High School Author: Luke Swanson

Luke Swanson is a junior at Yukon High School and the author of the recently published book, "Liberty and Justice for All." The book is a historical novel set in 1865 at the battle of Appomattox, at the close of the U.S. Civil War. This is an eighteen minute interview recorded with Luke on April 30, 2012. In the interview, Luke shared some of the backstory about how he wrote the book, what was most challenging as well as rewarding about the book writing process, and advice he has for other people who aspire to publish their own books. Luke published the ebook online by himself, directly, using Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing and Barnes and Noble's PubIt! website. In the interview Luke also identified several people who have been particularly inspirational to him as a student, author and lover of history. These teachers include Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Swanda, Mr. Block, Mr. Kendall, and Mr. Colley. His mother, also a middle school teacher, has also been extremely inspirational to and influential on Luke as he's developed his passions for writing and history. In addition to ordering "Liberty and Justice for All" from or (for $2.99) you can stay up to date on Luke's writing by "liking" his Facebook page, "By Luke Swanson." That Facebook page is also a good way to get in touch with him, in case you're interested in inviting him to speak at your bookstore, library, conference, or other event. Luke was featured in Matt Patterson's April 23, 2012, front page article in The Daily Oklahoman, "Yukon student becomes eBook author." Yukon Public Schools is proud of Luke Swanson and the trailblazing example he's set for students everywhere as a self-published eBook author!

(direct mp3 download)
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  2. "Liberty and Justice for All"(Barnes and Noble)
  3. "By Luke Swanson" (author's page on Facebook)
  4. "Yukon student becomes eBook author" (, 23 April 2012)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Surrey Hills 3rd Graders Share Their Creative Voices

Third grade students at Surrey Hills Elementary in Yukon have enjoyed new opportunities to share their creative voices online this semester. Teachers Shila Dobbins, Linda Smith, and Joell Slavin have used the free website with their students to record creative stories written earlier in the semester based on Jan Brett's book, "Gingerbread Baby." Each teacher has a "channel" website on AudioBoo, which are linked from the Yukon Public Schools' Interactive Teacher Websites page. Here are three examples of student audio recordings. Students drew artwork to accompany their stories, and photographs of many of their pictures are included on the AudioBoo website. Great job, students and teachers at Surrey Hills Elementary!

Austin's Alien Gingerbread Story
Faith's Gingerbread Madison Story

The Gingerbread Rock Star by Greg