Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Podcast: education2020 and Yukon Virtual School

This 14 minute audio podcast is an interview with Amy Anderson from January 10, 2012. Amy is a counselor at Yukon High School and the counselor for Yukon's Virtual School. Amy explained what e2020 (education2020) is and what this curriculum program offers for students and families in Yukon Schools. Every student in Yukon's Virtual School is monitored by a certified Yukon/Oklahoma teacher. All courses presently offered in Yukon's Virtual School are also offered face-to-face, but the e2020 environment provides flexibility to meet unique student and family needs. Students enrolled in online classes through Yukon Virtual School are required to have their own computer at home with Internet access. Some Yukon students are currently enrolled in some face-to-face classes at the high school, and other courses offered via e2020. Yukon Virtual School offers flexible choices for Yukon students who are homebound for medical or other reasons, need a virtual credit recovery option, or are interested in taking one or more courses through an online format. Because of Yukon's participation in the Canadian Valley Technology Consortuium, e2020 curriculum is also being utilized by some Yukon High School teachers to provide interactive, digital curriculum and a "blended learning" environment for students. Check out the podcast shownotes for more information and related links. Please share your feedback and questions for Amy and others to answer regarding our Yukon Virtual School.

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