Friday, February 17, 2012

6th Graders Learn About Mummification

6th grade students in Kayleen Browning's social studies classes have been learning about mummies and the process of mummification in their unit about Egypt / Ancient Civilizations. To practice oral communication skills and further develop spoken fluency, students practiced and audio recorded written essays they wrote about their Egypt unit studies. Oral communication skills and safe online publishing of work are two elements required by the new Common Core State Standards adopted by Oklahoma. Here are two examples of student essays audio-recorded (using a hand-held digital audio recorder by Mrs. Browning) and posted on the free website AudioBoo. After listening to these two audio recordings, check out Mrs. Browning's interactive blog with more student work on

Brennah's Mummy Essay:
Brennah"s Mummy Essay (mp3)
Austin M. and Payton's Radio Show about the Mummification Project
Austin M. and Payton"s Newscast (mp3)

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