Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why Scratch Club?

This Spring 2013 semester, twenty-four 4th and 5th grade students are participating in "Scratch Club" after school at Independence Elementary. STEM teacher Chris Simon is sponsoring the club, which students were invited to apply for in December. See the previous post, "Yukon Students Learning Computer Programming with Scratch," for more information about FREE Scratch programming software, how Scratch complements the STEM program at Independence and in Yukon Public Schools, and how ALL students at IES were introduced to Scratch this past fall semester. Today Mr. Simon, four IES Scratch Club students, and principal Cecil Bowles spoke briefly about why the Scratch Club has been started and what they are each looking forward to with Scratch Club. The video of their ideas ("Why Scratch Club?") is 2.5 minutes long. Please check it out!


Learn more about the IES Scratch Club on Check out Mason's Scratch project, "About Me" on the Scratch community website.

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